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Section 8 Loan Management Set-Aside Program for Projects (4350.2)
Transmittal PDF
Chapter 1: Overview PDF
Chapter 2: Program Application and Approval Process PDF
Chapter 3: Contract Administration PDF
Chapter 4: Contract Close Out PDF
Appendix 1: Application for Loan Management Set Aside PDF
Appendix 2: Housing Assistance Payments Contract PDF
Appendix 3: Budget Worksheet Income and Expense Projections PDF
Appendix 4: Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan PDF
Appendix 5: Certification for Contracts, Grants, Loans PDF
Appendix 6: Disclosure of Lobbying Activities PDF
Appendix 7: Sample letter to the CEO of Local Government PDF
Appendix 8: Instructions for Completing Management Reviews PDF
Appendix 9: Physical Inspection Report PDF
Appendix 10: Annual Contributions Contract List PDF
Appendix 11: Rent Schedule Low Rent Housing PDF
Appendix 12: Assisted Housing Project Accounting Data PDF
Appendix 13: Monthly Unit Inspection PDF
Appendix 14: Sample Certification of Owner Completion PDF
Appendix 15: Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) Contracts PDF
Appendix 16: Direct Deposit Sign-Up Form PDF
Appendix 17: Instructions for Modified Pad Form HUD-52540 PDF
Appendix 18: Application/Recipient Disclosure/Update Report PDF