Office of Asset Sales

Office of Asset Sales

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Office of Asset Sales was established in 2001 to coordinate sales of single family, healthcare and multifamily mortgage notes. Over the past 20 years, FHA has assembled a seasoned team of professionals and industry experts who execute sales in support of HUD’s mission while reducing losses for FHA’s insurance funds.



Upcoming Sales and Key Highlights

Upcoming Sales and Key Highlights



September 2022 Post-Sale Results Report


HVLS Post-Sale Results Report Available 

The Department has released its latest post-sale results report. This report captures data on the loans sold in the HUD-Held Vacant Loan Sales (HVLS).

The HUD Library Appendices for the September 2022 Post-Sale Results Report 



October 5, 2022

Announcing the HUD-Held

Multifamily Healthcare Loan Sale 2023-1

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (“HUD”) has announced Multifamily Healthcare Loan Sale 2023-1 (“MHLS 2023-1”).

On November 16, 2022, HUD will offer sixteen due and payable Secretary-Held commercial loans consisting of one Section 221(d)(4) MKT multifamily loan and fifteen Section 232 healthcare loans with a total unpaid principal loan balance of approximately $100.9 million. Loans are secured by 15 first liens and 1 second lien. HUD reserves the right to add or remove loans from MHLS 2023-1.

The Transaction Specialist for the sale is Falcon Capital Advisors: Interested parties may contact: Transaction Specialist at 1-844-709-0763 or email

Additional information about the sale can be found at


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Whether you’re a non-profit organization, a unit of local government, or a for-profit entity, find out more about how to participate in HUD asset sales, upcoming sales, and post-sale results below. Our competitive bid asset sales programs provide unique opportunities for the purchase of single family vacant property mortgage notes, and other distressed single family properties, multifamily assets, and healthcare program properties. Stay up to date on the latest FHA and Office of Housing program information by subscribing to our email updates.