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Multifamily Assistance & Section 8 Database

The information regarding the Assistance and Section 8 contracts, and properties is being furnished for the convenience of interested parties. The information has been compiled from multiple data sources within FHA or its contractors. This information does not purport to be complete or all inclusive. No representation or warranty, express or implied, as to any of the information contained in these files is made by HUD, FHA or any of their respective contractors, representatives or agents, or any officer, Director, employee, or any of the above. Please read all of the instructions on the download page before using the Download utility.

Multifamily Assistance & Section 8 Contracts (Current as of 4/30/2024)

MF_Properties_with_Assistance_&_Sec8_Contracts (Excel)

MF_Assistance_&_Sec8_Contracts (Excel)



This database was created to provide HUD partners/clients with a way of measuring the potential impact of expiring project-based subsidy contracts in their communities. It represents the most comprehensive picture of project-based subsidies yet developed, but like any "snap-shot", its usefulness has limits, although, Multifamily plans to refresh this data on a monthly basis. Below, we give a summary of what to keep in mind when viewing the information: