PHA Plan: Non-Qualified PHAs

5-Year Plan

All PHAs that do not meet the definition of a "qualified" agency must submit a 5-year plan every fifth year. The 5-Year Plan comprises mission, goals, and objectives including Violence Against Women provisions. The Five Year Plan is based on fiscal year beginning dates. For example, a 5-year plan submitted for fiscal year beginning 10/1/2010 will cover the PHAs fiscal years beginning 2010 to 2014. The next 5-year plan would be due for FYB 10/1/2015.

Annual Plan

Non-qualified PHAs are required to submit an annual plan 75 days before the beginning of each PHA fiscal year. The annual plan covers:

  1. Statement of housing needs
  2. Deconcentration Policy, waiting list, and other policies that govern eligibility, selection, and admissions.
  3. Financial resources
  4. Rent determination policies
  5. Operation and management
  6. Grievance Procedure
  7. Capital Improvements
  8. Demolition and Disposition
  9. Designation of housing for elderly and disabled
  10. Conversion of public housing both mandatory and voluntary
  11. Homeownership programs
  12. Community service and self-sufficiency
  13. Safety and crime prevention measures
  14. Pet Ownership in public housing
  15. Civil Rights Certification
  16. Annual audit results
  17. Asset Management
  18. Violence Against Women Act requirements
  19. Other information
    1. Progress in meeting the mission and goals of the 5-Year plan.
    2. Definition of significant amendment and substantial deviation
    3. Any other information requested by HUD

PHAs are required to electronically upload its plan to the PHA Plan website using form HUD-50075. Because many of the plan components are incorporated by reference, it is essential that PHAs maintain at its office full documentation of each item noted above along with supporting documentation.


In addition to the annual plan, non-qualified PHAs must carry out the following requirements.

Annual Public Hearing - Each PHA must annually hold a public hearing regarding any changes to the goals, objectives, and policies and invite public comment regarding such changes. The PHA must also consult with and consider the recommendations of the resident advisory board(s) at the public hearing. HUD considers the annual public hearing essential to PHAs in determining whether changes to goals, objectives, and policies are needed.

At least 45 days before the date of the public hearing, the PHA shall:

  1. Make all information relevant to the hearing and any determination of the agency regarding changes to the goals, objectives, and policies of the agency to be considered at the hearing available for inspection by the public at the principal office of the PHA during normal business hours.
  2. Publish a notice informing the public that-
  3. The information to be reviewed during the public hearing is available, and where and when they may inspect the information.
  4. The date, time, and location of the public hearing.

Civil Rights Certification - Each qualified PHA is required to submit a signed civil rights certification to the local HUD office annually by mail or the PHA may submit a scanned copy via email. The civil rights certification should be submitted to the local HUD office no later than 75 days prior to the beginning of the PHA’s fiscal year. Qualified PHAs must use form HUD-50077 CR (PDF or Word).

5-Year Plan

All PHAs are required to submit a 5-Year Plan every fifth year from its initial submission. The 5-Year Plan covers mission, goals, objectives, and Violence Against Women Act requirements. The PHA must include the civil rights certification in its electronic submission. PHA policies and procedures are not included in the 5-Year Plan.

Resident Participation

As prescribed in HERA, each PHA shall establish 1 or more resident advisory boards, the membership of which shall reflect and represent the residents assisted by the PHA. The purpose of the resident advisory board(s) is to assist and make recommendations regarding the development of the PHA Plan as well as any significant amendment or modification to the PHA Plan.

Consistency with the Consolidated Plan

The PHA must assure that its 5-Year Plan is consistent with information and data available in the Consolidated Plan for the jurisdiction(s) in which the PHA is located. With each 5-Year Plan, the PHA must include a certification of consistency, form HUD-50077SL (PDF or Word), signed by the state or local official certifying that the PHA Plan is consistent with the jurisdiction’s Consolidated Plan.

Public Availability

It is the responsibility of each PHA to make the approved plan and supporting documentation available to the general public. It is strongly encouraged that PHAs post these documents on their websites for easy access.