Quality Assurance Division (QAD)

Mission Statement

The mission of the Quality Assurance Division is to improve the management performance level, accountability, and data reporting of local public housing agencies participating in the Department's voucher rental assistance and homeownership programs and to maximize the cost and management effectiveness and efficiency of the programs.


The objectives of the QAD, in support of its mission, are

  • To act as advisor on all aspects of quality assurance for the voucher programs, including HA performance, cost containment, data integrity, and Departmental requirements;
  • To conduct analytical reviews of HA operations to identify programmatic errors, outdated administrative policies and procedures, cost or financial management errors, and data integrity problems;
  • To review statutory, regulatory and administrative policies associated with Department programs to determine changes required to foster improved program performance, accountability, cost-effectiveness and greater service to the public;
  • To develop and implement program corrective actions and improvements;
  • To Implement all activities related to improving the quality of operation of the assigned voucher programs at the Department and the public housing agencies (PHAs;
  • To Review PHA operations on a wide array of performance and financial indicators, identify and recommended corrective actions and ensures their implementation;
  • To review and analyze data submitted to the Department on program performance, use and costs; and analyze Department policies for impact on the cost and efficiency of programs and recommends changes as appropriate; and
  • To analyze a variety of rental housing market data; and maintain data on program costs and operations.

The scope of responsibility of the QAD encompasses tenant-based Section 8 subsidy programs and the quality assurance of all PHA financial management activities required for those programs. Additionally, the QAD is responsible for providing technical assistance to HA to ensure that Department financial reporting requirements are adhered to.

Functions and Key Responsibilities

The QAD was established at the request of a Congressional bill (see Division History) requiring HUD to better monitor Section 8 spending and to be able to better control future budget requirements.

Quality Control and Monitoring

  • Validate Voucher Management System (VMS) data submissions;
  • In the case of serious violations of compliance with the VMS requirements, administer sanctions and/or partner with appropriate entities (internal/external) to improve agency performance.

Departmental Support

  • Provide technical assistance, manpower support, information systems support, and oversight of HUDs programs related to assisting families affected by disasters.

Assist Headquarters staff in developing program policies and procedures affecting financial operations

With a staff of approximately 60 persons located throughout the USA, the QAD

  • Carries out HUD's mission in improving the management performance level, accountability, and data reporting of local agencies participating in the Section 8 voucher rental assistance and homeownership programs;
  • Analytical review of housing authority operations to identify programmatic errors, inappropriate administrative policies and procedures, cost or financial management errors, and data integrity problems;
  • Perform complex remote and on-site monitoring reviews (Voucher Management System Data Integrity Reviews, Rent Reasonableness Reviews, Financial Management Reviews,) and analysis of housing authority policies, procedures, and practices related to the Section 8 Program;
  • Prepares complex monitoring reports, including statistical, programmatic and administrative information, evaluations, and strategies on housing authority performance and program issues; and
  • Recommends appropriate corrective actions to complex operational problems and oversees recommended changes.
  • Responsible for Debt Collection processes and Repayment Agreements negotiation/execution for PHA HVC Debts.
  • Performs Shortfall Prevention for HCV program to ensure tenants are not terminated from program due to lack of funds.