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Project-Based Accounting


The third core reform under asset management is project-based accounting. Project-based accounting provides the ability to track financial performance at the project-level. Ultimately, project-based accounting provides the necessary information to make effective decisions at the project-level.

  • As with other federally-assisted housing programs, PHAs will be required to submit to HUD year-end financial statements on each project. These financial statements will include revenue, expense, and balance sheet items.
  • Further, PHAs will only be able to charge projects for services actually received. For example, in accounting for project costs, PHAs will not be permitted simply to spread the cost of central maintenance across projects.
  • Lastly, any overhead fees and any fees for centrally-provided property management services, must be considered reasonable. This means that the costs must not exceed what other efficient operators would incur for those same services in the local market.

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