Operating Fund Web Portal

The Operating Fund (OpFund) Web Portal brings OpFund processing to a web-based platform. Public and Indian Housing (PIH) Field Offices (FOs), and Public Housing Agencies (PHAs) can now participate in OpFund processing through their web browser. PIH FOs submit and certify the FO versions of the forms HUD-52723 and HUD-52722 through the OpFund Portal.  PIH FOs resolve Quality Control (QC) findings and submit revised forms HUD-52723 and HUD-52722 through the Portal. Also, the Portal provides PHAs and FOs with historical forms HUD-52723 and HUD-52722 and various reports. The web link to the OpFund Web Portal Webpage is posted on each calendar year’s Operating Subsidy Processing web page.

The OpFund program delivers $4.5 Billion annually to 3,000 PHAs, approximately 7,000 public housing developments, and assistance to over 1.1 Million low-income families. The OpFund Web Portal is a resource for FOs to navigate through the nearly 14,000 OpFund requests submitted by PHAs and the 25 million data elements used to calculate OpFund eligibility. For questions or comments please contact REAC - Technical Assistance Center (TAC) by calling 1-888-245-4860 Option #4, Or send us an email enquiry to  REAC_TAC@hud.gov.

PHA Data View

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  • PHA users can request their WASS coordinator to assign appropriate roles to themselves, any PHA user, Fee Accountants or other service providers within the PHA for the Operating Fund Web Portal. The WASS Role assignment guide provides further instructions on how to complete role assignments (see link below).
  • Current and first-time users of the OpFund Web Portal: All users are required to complete a User Profile and validate their email address before using the OpFund Web Portal. Users need only complete their User Profile one time. The OpFund User Guide (see link below) provides further instructions on how to complete a User Profile:
  • New Project Request Module of the OpFund Web Portal. PIH FOs can now submit New Project Requests for Operating Fund using this module. The Module also provides FOs with status of their New Project Request. The New Project Request Module replaces the New Project Request Excel spreadsheet.
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