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Helping Public Housing Residents Buy Homes (NEW)

On February 9, 2022, HUD held a webinar explaining how Public Housing Agencies (PHAs) can further affordable homeownership in their communities through federal housing programs and assistance. See the video and presentation materials here.

HUD wants to help public housing residents become homeowners.

A Public Housing Authority (PHA) may sell public housing units to their residents and other eligible low-income families in their communities for purposes of homeownership.

See Homeownership website for guidance.

See Homeownership for Public Housing Residents Brochure.

A PHA may combine a Public Housing homeownership plan with the HCV homeownership assistance program if it meets the requirements of both programs.

Not all PHAs have a homeownership program for public housing residents.  Contact your local public housing agency for additional details.

In addition, a PHA can also use Capital Funds for eligible homeownership activities, including providing financial assistance (including closing cost/downpayment assistance and subordinate mortgage loans) to public housing residents.  See 24 CFR 905.612(b)(12) and the Capital Fund Guidebook.  If a PHA wants to use Capital Funds to develop new units to sell to public housing residents for homeownership, see Mixed Finance Public Housing. For additional information, you can contact your local public housing field office.