Real Estate Assessment Center

Organizational Directory

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
Office of Public and Indian Housing
Real Estate Assessment Center
550 12th Street, SW
Suite 100
Washington, DC 20410
Phone: 202-475-7949

REAC Management Name and Email Address Room Areas of Responsibilities
Deputy Assistant Secretary
2nd Fl
  • Senior leader for REAC
Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary for REAC Operations
2nd Fl
  • REAC Product/Program Management
  • Project Management and Execution`
  • PIH Technology Governance
  • REAC Admin Operations & Budget Execution
  • Assessments Quality Control
Associate Deputy Assistance Secretary for REAC Services Brenda Johnson-Turner 2nd Fl
  • Physical and Financial Assessments
  • REAC Operational and External Services
  • Standards and Knowledge Management
  • Environmental Reviews
Director, Strategy and Innovation Daniel R. Williams 2nd Fl
  • Strategy, Innovation, and Transformation
  • Policy Development
  • Budget Formulation and Planning
Director, Quality Control Wendell Conner 2nd Fl
  • Quality Control of PHAS Assessments
  • Single Audit Act required QCRs of auditors
  • Environmental reviews
  • FMFIA required internal control reviews and process improvement
  • OMB Circular A-123 risk assessments
  • Financial analysis and consulting
Director, External Shared Services Brian Fitzpatrick 2nd Fl
  • REAC Director for External Shared Services
  • Physical, Financial, Environmental, Integrated, and Improper Payment Assessments
Director, Operational Shared Services James F. Graham 2nd Fl
  • Research and Development
  • Data and Statistical Analyses and Reporting
  • Technological Consulting
  • Data Modeling
Director, Management Support and Operations Sharath K. Jangalapalli 2nd Fl
  • REAC Administrative Operations & Support
  • REAC Budget Execution
  • REAC Contract Oversight
Product Area Managers
Multifamily (FASS-FHA)
2nd Fl
Public Housing (FASS-PHA)
2nd Fl
Quality Assurance (QASS)
2nd Fl
Physical Inspections Operations (PASS)
2nd Fl
Physical Inspections Quality Assurance
2nd Fl
Inspector Administration
2nd Fl
Integrated Assessment Subsystem (NASS)
Integrated Assessment Subsystem (NASS)
2nd Fl
Management Certifications (MASS)
2nd Fl
Support Area Manager
Technical Assistance Center
2nd Fl