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NASS-PHAS Scores (Archives)
  • PHAS Scores Lookup - Updated 1/13/2014

The Latest Public Housing Assessment System Scores (Zipped MS-Excel)

  • This is to advise that the Public Housing Assessment System (PHAS) Interim Rule has been published February 23, 2011 and will be effective for PHAs with fiscal year ending March 31, 2011. Instructions for PHAS scoring for PHAs with fiscal year ending December 31, 2010 has been published in the PIH 2011-13 (HA) notice. The management operations certification for December 31, 2010 PHAs are due by April 23, 2011. To review the Interim Rule and related information please check PHAS Interim Rule page.
  • Transition Year 2 PHAS scores for PHAs with fiscal year ending 06/30/09, 09/30/09, 12/31/09 and 3/31/10 will be issued via email from PHAS@hud.gov prior to 09/30/2010. The PHAS score publication will include all PHAs with completed sub-indicators scores (FASS, PASS, MASS & RASS) as of August 2010 with the exception of small PHA deregulation designation. If you have any questions, please contact the PIH-REal Estate Assessment Center, Technical Assistance Center, at 1-888-245-4860 or email to PHAS@hud.gov.
  • Transition Year 2 Extension PHAs to be assessed list
  • Public Housing Agencies that are subject to receive a PHAS score and required to submit a Management Operations Certification during Transition Year 2 (For quarters 06/30/09, 09/30/09, 12/31/09 & 03/31/10). In addition, Transition Year 2 extension notice requires quarters 6/30/10 and 9/30/10 to submit Management Operations Certification.
  • Transition Year 2 PHAs to be assessed list - PHA's with questions or concerns on any PHAS waivers should send emails to PHAS@hud.gov.

    PHA's with immediate questions or concerns on MASS submission please contact REAC TAC at 1(888) 245-4860 or send an email to REAC_MASS@hud.gov.
  • Asset Management Transition Year 2 information notice published in federal register January 12, 2010
  • PHA Due Dates for Transition Year 2