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NASS is the PIH-REAC assessment reporting system for PHAs. NASS is responsible for the compilation, review, and production of the composite PHAS score.

System Information
  • Timelines for Financial Submissions and Late Penalty Points

    FYE:  31-Mar-2023 30-Jun-2023 30-Sep-2023 31-Dec-2023
      Unaudited Timeline
    DUE DATE 31-May-2023 31-Aug-2023 30-Nov-2023 28-Feb-2023
        1st late point 16-Jun-2023 16-Sep-2023 16-Dec-2023 16-Mar-2023
        2nd late point 1-Jul-2023 1-Oct-2023 31-Dec-2023 31-Mar-2023
        3rd late point 16-Jul-2023 16-Oct-2023 15-Jan-2024 15-Apr-2023
        4th late point 31-Jul-2023 31-Oct-2023 30-Jan-2024 30-Apr-2023
        5th late point 15-Aug-2023 15-Nov-2023 14-Feb-2024 15-May-2023
    LPF/ Score of Zero 1-Sep-2023 1-Dec-2023 1-Mar-2024 1-Jun-2024
      Audit Timeline
    DUE DATE 31-Dec-2023 31-Mar-2024 30-Jun-2024 30-Sep-2024
    LPF/ Score of Zero 1-Jan-2024 1-Apr-2024 1-Jul-2024 1-Oct-2024
    The document includes the latest released Public Housing Assessment System (PHAS) scores for all Public Housing Agencies (PHAs) where PHAS scores have been issued for those PHAs with fiscal year end (FYE) dates between March 31, 2011 and present date. PHAS scores may be published more than once for each FY; for example, the unaudited and audited score. The PHAS scores included in the report are the latest PHAS scores released in that fiscal year (FY).


The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act Public Law 116-136), signed into law on March 27, 2020, provided HUD with broad authority—in the context of the public health emergency—to waive certain statutes and regulations for the Public Housing program.

The Public Housing Assessment System (PHAS) Interim Rule was published on February 23, 2011 and became effective for PHAs with fiscal years ending March 31, 2011.

  • PHAS Waivers​
    ​A public housing authority (PHAS) seeking a waiver from an indicator of the Public Housing Assessment System (PHAS) interim rule must follow the guidance outlined in PIH Notice 2018-16. This includes requests for an extension of the audited financial data submission score of zero (Late Presumptive Failure).
  • Rejected Financial and Management Operations Submissions: How to avoid a Late Presumptive Failure (LPF) score of zero. Read More...
  • Reminder About Late Presumptive Failure (LPF): In accordance with the PHAS regulation, the PIH-REAC computer system generates a late presumptive failure and an indicator score of zero when a PHA does not submit the required financial information and/or management certifications by the established regulatory submission deadlines. Read More...
  • Further Guidance if Your Public Housing Agency (PHA) is part of a Consortium.
  • Attention Small Public Housing Agencies: Based on the Deregulation for Small Public Housing Agencies, Executive Directors may request a PHAS assessment in an exempt year for their PHAs. Read More...
  • Frequently Asked Questions and answers relating to the Deregulation for Small PHAs.

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