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Office of Davis Bacon and Labor Standards

The Office of Davis Bacon and Labor Standards (DBLS) administers Federal prevailing wage requirements in HUD-assisted housing and community development programs through staff in Field Offices. DBLS is HUD's primary contact with the Department of Labor (DOL) in enforcing labor standards mandated by the Davis-Bacon and other Related Acts.

DBLS serves as an adviser and consultant to HUD's Secretary and other principal staff on the applicability, administration, and enforcement of Federal labor standards, including Davis-Bacon prevailing wage rates and to organized labor-particularly the building and construction trades unions. DBLS also seeks affirmative relationships with organized labor and industry in support of HUD's affordable housing and community revitalization goals.

In addition to overall responsibility within HUD for administering and enforcing Davis-Bacon prevailing wage requirements for a broad array of HUD programs, DBLS administers the prevailing wage requirements for maintenance employees of public and Indian housing agencies. This requires the annual HUD determination of maintenance wage rates for such workers.

Type of Assistance:
This is an administrative and enforcement function. In carrying out its mandate, DBLS issues technical guidance on labor standards enforcement, makes labor standards administration training available to local contracting agencies through its field staff, monitors local agencies (public and Indian housing authorities and Community Development Block Grant agencies) for labor standards contract compliance, and maintains comprehensive program information at the DBLS page on HUD's Website.

Eligible Grantees:
This program includes most recipients of HUD-funding assistance involving construction work, who must ensure that they comply with Federal labor standards and prevailing wage requirements.

Eligible Customers:
Construction workers on HUD-assisted construction projects and maintenance workers engaged in the operation of certain HUD-assisted low-income housing benefit from the wage protections provided in the Davis Bacon and Related Acts.

Eligible Activities:

Not applicable.

Funding Status:
Not applicable.

Technical Guidance:

For More Information:
If you may have any questions, please direct them to the Office of Davis Bacon and Labor Standards or by telephone at (202) 402-2013.